Stress Relief Tips and Techniques

Stress Relief

Our life can be full of stressful situations. If you are stressed out like most of us, you often wonder how to relieve stress in your life. Positive stress can be a performance enhancer for some people, but too much stress can be harmful to our body, and often lead to health problems.

The goal of stress relief is not necessarily to avoid all sources of stress, but to develop abilities to cope with stress and to relax during the day and during challenging occurrences. There is no single remedy that applies to every person, and most solutions involve a combination of stress management techniques.

Simple stress relief methods are many and various. It can be easy for some people, and difficult for others. Many people try to cope with stress in the form of alcohol, or overeating “comfort food” in front of the TV. These methods might provide a short fix, but will not aid long term stress related situations and are not a substitute for professional advice.

Some serious stressful situations may require medication, treatment or therapy. Some stress relievers are also addictive and may cause behavioral or health problems, if used without professional advice. In most cases however; relaxation techniques, laughter or even stress relief games can help.

Most stress relief techniques only take a few minutes a day and should become a habit. With regular practice, you will approach stressful situations with a sense of peace and calm.

Yoga is an excellent stress relief technique. It involves moving and stationary poses combined with deep breathing. Yoga’s ability to consciously change the way you breathe is what makes it such a powerful way to relieve stress – since shallow and fast breathing are commonly associated with stress, anxiety, and even panic attacks.

Similar stress free activities are Tai Chi, which is series of structured workouts, and Qigong (pronounced “Chee Gung”) – a widely used Chinese healing and stress relief exercise program, both recently embraced by Americans as relaxation and calming practices.

Massage therapy is also a great stress reduction technique, useful for progressive muscle relaxation, increasing the blood flow to the muscles and relieve mental and emotional stress. Over 40 million Americans – one in six adults – had at least one massage, according to a nationwide survey by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

Spas and hot tubs are good for a variety of medical conditions and injuries, or simply help with relaxation and stress reduction in a romantic way with your loved ones. Getting a massage or a bubble bath is an immediate way to relieve stress. Adding some candles and soft music may enhance the experience, making coping with stress a lot easier.

Music itself can be effective in reducing stress, as well as promoting relaxation response and elevating your mood. Group drumming in particular showed positive effects on stress relief, reducing fatigue and improving self acceptance for many people.

Fun, laughter, comedy, and stress relief games are great ways to relieve stress, elevate your mood and even improve the immune system. Stress relief online games and desktop games are widely available on the Internet, and may vary according to your interests, preferences and age.

There are many other ways to find stress relief, such as exercise, workout, meditation, positive thinking, deep breath, guided imagery, correct eating, and even taking care of pets. All you have to do is be proactive and you’ll find that relieving stress can be easy and fun.